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Design Bar-Hopping in Hong Kong
Style by Asia goes bar-hopping in some of the (in our opinion) best designed bars around town!
A Present Retrospective in Vietnam
'A Present Retrospective' showcases the reproduction of propaganda artworks created between 1969 and 1972 by the late artist René Mederos and art pieces by five established contemporary Vietnamese Artists produced in response to the series.
The Perfect Beach Accessory
Just in time for summer, we have found THE PERFECT beach accessory for anyone who lives, or has ever lived or spent any longer amount of time in Hong Kong. And you can win one too!
Gallery Children’s Biennale in Singapore
Young visitors to the National Gallery Singapore will have their creative imagination ignited during the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale from May 20-Oct 8.
Spin The Bottle!
For the launch of Red Bull's new bottle, Mischief Productions together with four street artist uses the popular game where players have to spin a bottle and complete a challenge.
Artistic collective I AM combine performance art with dining, creating interactive performances. It is a truly different experience -check out this video!
Exhibition: MEME
In June, Galerie du Monde will exhibit a comprehensive insight into Fung Ming Chip decades-long exploration of the history and philosophy of the written word.
Special Projects at Affordable Art Fair 2017...
A key highlight at AAF this year is the Special Projects, featuring large-scale installation works by inspiring and engaging artists, meant for visitors to interact with.
LILYA – the new Moroccan in town
We recently went to the newly opened Moroccan lounge in Hong Kong. We were there for the design, but nothing else disappointed either. Come along to a different world.
What to expect at The Affordable Art Fair...
A thousand artists will be on display at over 110 galleries with a diverse range of art to suit all budgets and tastes at The Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong this weekend - we have the highlights!
Shout Whisper Wail!
The new exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery features 11 contemporary artists who use space, performance, sound, music and voice to emphasise the encounter between art and its audience.
VIDEO: Fashion Access & APLF Leather and Materials...
In this video, take a glimpse of the show highlights from the Fashion Access and APLF Leather and Materials fair in Hong Kong a few weeks ago.
5 invaluable tips: How to make art “work” in your home...
These tips from Eve Mercier at Insight School of Interior Design will help you decorate with art in any home. Want more? Join the course on May 19th!
BYT: turning fashion waste into… fashion!...
Help BYT, the social impact up-cycled and socially-sustainable fashion fashion brand to win money for their expansion in the Chivas Challenge!
2020: The Future Of Hotel Design
At the seminar "The Future of Hotel Design" at HOFEX in Hong Kong three speakers in architecture and interior design tried to predict the future. One succeeded.
24 Fashion Tips You Need To Know
Real style is the ability to reflect all the positive aspects of who you truly are inside through how you dress and present yourself. These are my top tips.
VIDEO: You Are What You Wear
Christina Dean of Redress talks about the fashion industry, one of the worlds most polluting industries, and what her organisation is doing to promote environmental sustainability in it.
GUEST BLOGGER: Sarie Moolenburgh
In a search for the boundaries of photography and art Sarie shoots images that capture inner feelings, somewhere between realism and fantasy, resulting in ethereal images.
The Story of a Pearl…
Richly encrusted with myth and legend, radiant with intrigue and romance, the pearl necklace is a universal icon like no other. One man did the impossible - cultivate pearls.
24 Semi-finalists announced for EcoChic Design Award 2017...
The 24 semi-finalists for the EcoChic Design Award 2017 have been announced. We know who they are and what the Asian designers have come up with...