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The most exciting event on my March calendar... (drum roll please!!!)

No, it is NOT Fashion Forward Dubai.

It is also NOT my AW collection photo shoot although i am super excited about it and you will of course hear all about it later.

Well... it is Art Dubai!!!! A week long non-stop art events all around the city. All the art-lovers who had gone on hibernation mode suddenly is everywhere, and not to mention big international artists getting their work exhibited in the city. The atmosphere is so alive! Creativity is in the air!

On the opening night of Art Dubai, i went to photography exhibition Community8SS held at 8th Street Studio to support my dear friends, the fierce Mannbutte, known for his fresh and provocative style; Marta Lamovsek for her piercingly soulful and dreamy images.

Works by Martin Beck, Pelle Lannefors, Rita Tessandori, Fanny Turcotte, Paul Thuysbaert, Belinda Muller, Oliver Doran, Verko Ignjatovic, Hoosier Jian, Alex Callueng, Maha Eddé, and Francesco Scotti were also on display.



Photo credit: Mannbutte


Photo by Marta Lamovsek


Maha Edde

IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5632


Beautiful studio with an immaculate setup, it was a cozy exhibition that celebrates the talents of all the UAE based photographers.  The exhibition is on till 19th March.  Hurry yalla!




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