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  • Luna – Wine Design at its best June 29

    Luna Estate is a gorgeous vineyard located

  • VIDEO: Steve Leung June 29

    Winner of the 2016 Pinnacle Award, Perspective Magazine

  • Singapore Festival of Arts June 28

    A celebration of the arts

  • CatchOn : Made In China June 27

    Founded in 2001, CatchOn is an independent

  • ‘Cultural Hong Kong’ – exhibition about West Kowloon June 26

    From now until 30 November, as part

  • Design Bar-Hopping in Hong Kong June 23

    This is a sponsored post


  • “F is for FENDI” – street art on the roofs! June 22
  • Senior Collaborations at SCAD Hong Kong! June 21

    There is no question that we love

  • VIDEO: Design Perspectives x Golden Pin Salon in KL June 20
  • DIY: The Bamboo Project June 19

    Soo..I got a bit excited and inspired

  • Bangkok Buzz

    Have you heard about Art in Paradise in Bangkok?It is the first 3D Interactive Art Museum in Bangkok, and seriously a cool place to interact with art. For big and small children alike.---------------------- Art in Paradise (Bangkok) is the first “illusion” and three-dimensional museum in Bangkok, and comprises six permanent exhibition zones with different concepts. Every painting ranges from a period or country theme, with a mix of traditional and new art. The museum is divided into two floors, over 2,500 square meters and 150 interactive paintings that visitors can have fun with and enjoy...


    Wednesday, 25 January, 2017
    Bangkok Buzz

    Thai Silk, a hand-woven fabric, is noted for its exceptional luster, texture and its striking complement of contrasting colors - such as emerald green and magenta, or deep blue and shocking pink - coexisting in perfect harmony.Here we tell you the story of how thai silk got introduced to the world, by whom, and why. Text and most images credit Jim Thompson House.--------------------- Jim Thompson is the man who has been credited with giving thai silk to the world. But who was he? And why did he decide to embark on his silk journey? Jim Thompson or James Harrison Wilson Thompson as his full name was, was born in Delaware in the United States in 1906...


    Friday, 25 November, 2016
    Bangkok Buzz

    The new shopping centre named ‘Siam Discovery’ opened on 28th May in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is claiming to be Thailands ‘Biggest Arena for Lifestyle Experiments’ - we take a look at the new shopping mall offering. ----------------------The new building and interior of Siam Discovery on Sukhumvit Road is the result of architectural firm called ‘nendo’. It will house the first rollout in Thailand of many famous international brands, but one male and female section each is dedicated to Asian designers...


    Monday, 18 July, 2016
    Bangkok Buzz

     OSHA is a fine dining venue in the heart of Bangkok's business district. Full of gold, it is made to feel like you are dining in a royal palace. And yes, the food is royal too - you are in for a treat.------------------- Entering this (surprisingly enough) San Francisco-started fine dining experience in the heart of Bangkok's business district on Wireless Road simply takes your breath away. The building alone is impressive, a freestanding low-rise structure among the skyscrapers around it, already promising as you approach the entrance with its large floor-to-ceiling doors...


    Wednesday, 15 June, 2016
    Bangkok Buzz

    Check out this inspirational video of Bangkok - full of great design and architectureWe will start feeding great content from the Big Mango into this blog soon so keep your eyes peeled.It will guaranteed make you want to start planning your next trip soon!


    Thursday, 09 June, 2016
    Bangkok Buzz


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