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Batik and Bubbles

The Malaysian state of Pahang has always been a very popular escape with its tropical green jungles, famous hill stations and glorious coastline.  In particular, there is one historical town whose museums have recently undergone a steady revamp and restoration. This is none other than the royal town of Pekan, with its historic buildings and landscape steeped in royal history so relevant to Malaysia. On first glance, Pekan is not a town that most people are familiar with.  It lies off the beaten track, as visitors from Kuala Lumpur normally take the East Coast expressway, passing through Kuantan before travelling  up north to visit the tropical islands that beckon many a visitor from wide and far...


Monday, 27 March, 2017

Collaborations seem to be the name of the game these days, as many big name brands continue to team up with similar brands to promote one common goal. This is very much the case with the magnificent success of KL Fashion Week (KLFW), which has grown bigger each year with its colourful repertoire of Malaysian designers.   KLFW has expanded from a yearly event and grown their formidable presence in the fashion industry with their latest collaboration, a pop up store with Isetan, Suria KLCC.    Launched in November this year, the pop up store is located at Isetan's Ladies 1st Floor and Menswear 3rd Floor in the vibrant and popular tourist shopping haven Suria KLCC...


Monday, 05 December, 2016

Catching up with Noorul-Hudaa Niu was no easy task, as the fashionable batik designer is constantly engaged in new projects, collaborations and all the demands of the Kuala Lumpur fashion world. But Batik&Bubbles managed to schedule a little tete-a-tete with Hudaa at one of our favorite neighborhood cafes to catch up with her and learn more about her home-grown brand Batika-by-Hudaa.  Batika-by-Hudaa has as its ethos ‘Batik Semarak Kembali” meaning “Bring Back Batik” and its delicate designs reflect its traditional roots in Javanese cutting and folding styles, whilst its vibrant colorful patterns infuse it with a modern flair that has attracted a dedicated Batika following!  It is inspiring to hear how this former teacher transitioned from the hectic rhythms of international schools to becoming a mother herself, and how that led to an unexpected career twist...


Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

It is an indisputable fact that the country of Italy is widely renowned for being captains of industry, be it in designing cars, art, engineering or fashion.  So it came as no surprise that the Italian Embassy in Malaysia would be hosting a special exhibition dedicated to showcasing some of Italy's most historically iconic designs.  As avid lovers of all things Italian, Batik&Bubbles took a quick gander at some of Italy's best products spotlighted during the exhibit. As part of the 16th edition of the "Italian Language Week in the World", the theme this year was "Italian and Creativity: Brands and Tradition, Fashion and Design"...


Thursday, 03 November, 2016

As urban creatures, it's always such a joy to make a quick escape from the bustling city and embrace Mother Nature at its unequivocal best!  That is exactly what Batik&Bubbles did, when we recently visited Pangkor Island in the state of Perak, Malaysia. We were invited to stay in the most delightful boutique hideaway named Tiger Rock, which is nestled in the jungle on the South Eastern tip of the island.  This arsty resort owned by renowned artist, Rebecca Duckett, is surrounded by a lush green lung of tropical heaven...


Sunday, 02 October, 2016

 Sometimes life presents you with the oddest combination of experiences. So it was that within days of completing a month-long sojourn in California, I found myself hurtling through the winding kampong back roads of Pahang at breakneck speeds. Our driver valiantly tried to keep apace with the Royal motorcade of the Crown Princess of Pahang, as we rushed towards prison.    Batik&Bubbles was invited to join a 3-day media tour in Pahang, a Malaysian state about three-hours drive east of Kuala Lumpur...


Tuesday, 13 September, 2016

You could practically hear the sizzle coming off the stark white runway at KL Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016, as designer after designer showcased their creations to a fawning fashionista and celebrity heavy crowd.   Each year, the list of designers seems to explode with all the notable darlings of the Malaysian fashion world alongside the emerging talent eagerly waiting to be discovered.  This year was no exception with over 100 designers showcasing their Ready to Wear (RTW) collections for SS17...


Saturday, 10 September, 2016


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