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Soo..I got a bit excited and inspired by this post on Style by Asia, and decided that my next project should be about bamboo..

I mean, bamboo is one of the best materials around! It is strong and durable, pretty and sustainable.

It even has anti-bacterial properties! 


To the project: I had this sofa table in my lounge that I didn't like. It was in the house when I moved in, and as I didn't want to buy something for the sake of buying something, I have kept it for a while. But I had a great, cheap and pretty idea in mind!

In this project I kept the glass top and just made a new base. As I found the big bamboo pole laying around close to my home, the whole thing cost me about 20 HKD to make (for the shorter bamboo poles, a bit of glue and paint I already had).




You need:

  • One large bamboo pole
  • A couple of thinner bamboo poles
  • A saw
  • A drill
  • Glue
  • Paint


And then it is really all very simple! Follow these easy steps to make your own!

  1. Cut the thick bamboo pole into 4 shorter lengths (mine were about 40cm long). Then cut the thinner ones into two long ones (mine were about 75cm) and two shorter ones (about 35cm).
  2. Drill holes into the the bigger bamboo poles.
  3. Insert the thinner bamboo poles into the holes. Secure with glue.
  4. Insert all four shorter bamboo poles into the bigger ones, and fasten with glue.
  5. Paint it (white optional)!
  6. Put a glass top on it
  7. Voila! Done






In progress shots above. I decided to pain the big poles before starting the other work, but you can just as easily just paint afterwards. It must be pointed out that this is not a table to drag around or move a lot. It is rather fragile (especially as the glass just rests on top) so it might not be suitable for families with children, or people who like to have intense parties at home.. :)


If you want more bamboo inspiration, check out this post and this post too!

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