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Hey there! If you follow Style by Asia on Instagram (and you should!), you might have seen that I found an awesome piece of driftwood on the beach a while ago. Well, I took it home and I did something with it recently that I thought I should share.

The drift log already had all several pretty pine cones attached to it, so all I did really was adding a few succulents, tie them to the log, and then hang the whole thing it on the wall.


This is how it looked from the beginning.Before



In progress... I used small succulents I had at home already, and some green florist wire to secure them to the log.
in progress



The finished result. 

I hung it with normal picture frame wire.

It looks pretty cool huh?!


close up

close up 2

      • finished
      • in progress
      • close up
      • close up 2
      • finished


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