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Hurray!! The summer is almost over!! Technically it is already fall but with temperature still soaring at around 40 degree, winter seems like miles away. Very soon, we will be able to detach ourselves from the air-conditioned mega Malls in Dubai and actually go check out more niche and often creative boutiques in the City.

One of my personal favorite is O-Concept. It is just off the famous Jumeriah Grand Mosque and the place is spacious and arty. There is a cafe in the boutique so you can grab a icy drinks to cool down from the heat outside before you proceed to check out the unique and stylish merchandize they have on offer.


The other reason why i love O-Concept is that it is run by a lovely Italian lady with massive fashion background so she is the few fashion-people in the city that actually know the trade. On top of that, though it sounds silly, with blonde hair and big marble eyes, she looks like my very-own best friend in Switzerland. So every time i go to O-concept, it makes me feel warm and happy.

The owner of the boutique Concept and jetsetter Omar Bin Khediya, known as Obk stated, “The inception of O comes from my belief that one should find his/her favorite things under one roof. Having said that, it should be in an exceptional set-up so that it’s appealing for both men and women, with stylish pop elegant and classy wear from New York, London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Beirut, Dubai based amazing award winning designers. I firmly believe that we have introduced a hip and trendy innovation that is going to be popular amongst Dubai”.



From womenswear to kids wear, furnitures to jewelries, there is something for everyone.  O is an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon or find gifts that will make your love ones feel extra special.  With Eid just around the corner, so why not pop-in and get everything you need for the festival?



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