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These guys are young, these guys are fresh, these guys are daring and these guys are also a little nuts.  But those are the components of a creative mind.  Behold the spanking new boutique creative talent agency Things by People founded by these two funny and also visionary guys - Mansoor Bhatti and Faisal Shah.   



We chatted recently about their brand new agency and how it is to introduce their revolutionary views into this rather dull fashion scene of Dubai.


Kay (KL): Tell me who you are what made you guys start ThingsbyPeople?

Faisal (FS): We are a small team: Mannbutte is a renowned Fashion Photographer as well as one of the top Creative Directors in Dubai with over 10 years of experience. And then there is me, Faisal, the talent manager/ producer with over a decade of experience in media and production. We run the company together as friends and welcome new talent in as family. When I came to Dubai two years ago, Mansoor was working as a full time Creative Director at an agency called Livingroom. Having known of each other previously from when we worked in Pakistan media, we decided to meet. Our first meeting led us to work together on a couple of projects. We recognized that there was a need for a boutique talent management agency which could bring in highly creative people here and help the market grow as a whole. Dubai has the potential to be the next fashion hub of the world, after the Milan Paris London & NY. We could see the potential, and we believed that we could connect the dots to make things slowly possible. We sat down and planned how to go about it for a while and as the cliche goes, the rest is history.

Photo by Chuan Looi

Photo by Chuan Looi

photo by louis christopher

photo by louis christopher


KL: What is ThingsbyPeople's mojo?

Mansoor Bhatti (MB):  We kiss desire.

Things by People

Left: Styled by Claire Carruthers Right: Photo by Mazen Abusrour


KL: How do you see TBP evolve?

FS: We have been on a creative journey since we started the past year. And after recognising whats missing in our region and whats needed, Things by People as a company is evolving from being a standard talent management company into a full service creative talent agency, specialising in the fashion, luxury, retail and lifestyle sectors. We have the best team of artists from around the world and from the this region, and the support to put out the best content and get the best results moving forward.

photo by mannbutte

Photo by mannbutte


KL: What have been the challenges and highlight working with so many creatives? So many different egos?

FS: The challenges of working with so many creatives are many and yet there are none. It's a state of mind where you need to empathise with the talent and understand where their needs are coming from. For a talent who spends years (sometimes decades ) to establish themselves and their style of work, we believe they require the respect and the recognition to be treated as such. Sometime the ego can come in the way of doing something beautiful but that's all part of the game. We are as transparent as possible with our artists, telling them exactly what is or isn't possible here, and teach them the local aesthetics of doing things. It suits some, it doesn't with others. Which is fine. Everyone has their own experiences, and their own way of doing things. We love and cherish that individuality.


KL: Who would you like to see to join TBP next?

MB:  We are always looking for people who fulfil their life with passion.  We are looking for the hungry ones, no matter if you are established or not.  But you must have some kind of "edge", something that is special about you, then TBP wants you!


Things by People Artist

Left: Illustration by Rebecca Contort Right: Photo by Roc Chaliand


KL: Describe your dream project.

MB: Things by People is our dream project.  We did not know we would come this far so soon.  We love every bit of it and with the new website and branding, we are going even further.


KL:  I know you have been working hard on your website, give us a preview on what is so cool about it?

MB:  We are gearing up to launch our new website in a few days.  It is not just a plain portfolio website.  It will be filled with resources for our clients to have a dynamic look at overall style or swatch of an artist as well as a portal for our artists which we called it the “Rabbit Hole”. As the name suggests is a place where they can find interesting stuff such as (Ideas for shoots/Editorial, Locations, Artist Directory, Lighting Guides etc).

Things by People

Left: Fashion Directed by Hideyuki Hayashi Right: Photo by Bachar Srour


KL: How does Dubai foster a creative environment?

FS: Dubai is a transitional hub for many nationalities, who all bring their own experiences, backgrounds, memories, styles and ethos. This in turn makes the city a great center for creatives to collaborate in the real sense and bring out the best in each other. This creates a healthy competition in the market and everyone must do their best to shine. That's how I think this city fosters creativity.

Photo by Paloma Rincon

Photo by Paloma Rincon


* Feature image by Rebecca Handler


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