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No, i don't follow the Kardashians or nothing of that sort.  As a fashion designer, i watch out for fashion/lifestyle bloggers that speak to my target market - cultured, sophisticated, and confident.  I follow Instagram accounts that are artistic and tasteful.  I need to have a sense of what people like and dislikes, how to style outfits that would stop traffic.  These ladies are doing just that!  They are beautiful, smart, street style savvy and create beautiful images that would take your breathe away.



Style Drifter - A lovely and smart lady.  Her Instagram account is just too beautiful that sometime i wish she can pack me in her suit case to fly off to some distant exotic travel destinations!



Shoestova - Well, she is the definition of a "Superwoman" that it makes you feel so little of yourself - literally because she is incredibly tall... incredibly! She is a lawyer, a mama and a very well-liked fashion blogger in the Middle East and around the world!  Bonus point, she is always smiling in her pictures and that is exactly what everyone needs to see everyday.



My Fash Diary - aka. Tala Samman.  Though she might be young but her style is very classy.  Her Instagram account is less "curated" which I much prefer - raw and authentic.  Her workout videos, just want to make you get off the phone and hit the gym that very instant!..She is also recently started spinning music for fashion events.  Talk about multi-talents!



Desert Mannequin - I like her witty, no fuss style.  She kinda reminds me of Manrepeller.  She is also a great support of the local GCC fashion designers.  Hats off for showing the world how to dress Middle Eastern lux and glitz in a fun, quirky style!


Who do you follow to get your fashion inspiration?  Let me know!



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