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By Kenza van Lerberghe for IROCO Design.


Whilst façades are something most of us don’t ever consider, they are an incredibly important design element, one which can have a huge effect on our cities, communities and individuals – both as building occupants and general passersby. Architecturally speaking, not only are facades one of the first things we all notice about a building, façades are a complex beast that need to comply to a number of requirements such as protection, shade, ventilation, and ultimately the embellishment of a building. And although not all of today’s examples are commercial in nature – some are residential, others are not technically viewed as façades as they are built from within the interiors – each one is a unique example of the possibilities a well thought façade can offer.

The focus this week’s post is primarily around the idea of Fins & Folded Façades. Some are seemingly simple and use the strength of repetition to create sculptural statements; others are twisted, pleated and folded providing a level of articulation and tactility even non-architects can get excited about.


Nebuta-no-ie Warasse by Molo, d/dt & Frank La Riviere Architects, in Aomori, Japan 

The Nebuta-no-ie Warasse buidling is dedicated to all aspects of the Nebuta festival. The building is located in front of Aomori train station, there were the city meets the sea. A screen of twelve-meter tall steel ribbons wraps the whole building and encloses an outdoor walkway – a threshold between the mythical world of Nebuta and the contemporary city. Each ribbon is twisted and bent to form openings for light, views and passageways.  


Nebuta-no-ie Warasse by Molo - ddt & Frank La Riviere Architects - Aomori Japan

Nebuta-no-ie Warasse by Molo - ddt & Frank La Riviere Architects - Aomori


Pleats.M by Hironaka Ogawa 

Zig-zagging pleats embellish the facade of this two-storey wedding centre in Saitama, Japan. The walls inside the building also form pleats, but the creases are inverted to create a reverse of the facade.


Pleats.M by Hironaka Ogawa

Pleats.M by Hironaka Ogawa 2


Jing Mian Xin Cheng Development in Beijing by Spark Architects 

‘Pleats’ of perforated aluminium sheeting and a ‘weave’ of rippling windows resolve a variety of practical issues while referencing a textile market that formerly operated on the site.


Jing Mian Xin Cheng Development in Beijing by Spark Architects


CIPEA No.4 in Nanjing, China designed by AZL Architects 

The China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture (CIPEA) began in 2003 to bring twenty-four renowned international and domestic architects together onto one site. The Number Four “Blockhouse” consists of four public buildings and 20 small houses, with at least five bedrooms, public spaces, and hospitality accommodations on 500 square meters.

CIPEA No.4 in Nanjing, China designed by AZL Architects1

CIPEA No.4 in Nanjing, China designed by AZL Architects


House of Coast Work Tsuyazaki by Masao Yahagi Architects 

A residence and artist’s studio within the seaside town of Tsuyazaki in Fukuoka, Japan. The facade is comprised of vertical segments with a double curvature starting at the midpoint to warp inward and outward. 

 House of Coast Work Tsuyazaki by Masao Yahagi Architects

House of Coast Work Tsuyazaki by Masao Yahagi Architects1


Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taiwan designed by Lab Modus 

The scheme consists of a two-story lifted glass box and a sequence of double-layered perforated metal panels, inspired by a dragon’s scales.

 Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taiwan designed by Lab Modus1

Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taiwan designed by Lab Modus


Wuzhen theatre in China designed by by Taiwanese architect Kris Yao of Artech Architects

The shape of the building was modelled on the rare twin lotus flower - an anomaly where two flower heads sprout from a single stalk - to create a pair of oval-shaped auditoriums that share a single stage area.


Wuzhen Theatre China2

Wuzhen Theatre China1

Wuzhen Theatre China




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