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A WORLD OF FANTASY - Fine Art Photography


Dutch South African photographer Sarie Moolenburgh is showing her series ‘A world of Fantasy’, a summary of her analogue work at Bite Unite (G/F, 15 Lung On Street, Wanchai) until the 13th of May 2017.

In this guest blogger post she tells us about her work and the inspiration behind it.



I have always been in love with the Impressionism art movement, which is visible in a lot of my work. With my oldskool analogue camera, I search for the boundaries of photography and art with images that capture the inner feelings somewhere between realism and fantasy, resulting in ethereal images.

Photography is an important part of my life. Creating images and looking at the world in a different way by tickling my fantasy pushes me to think out of the box and to understand other people. The same goes for changing your environment. Three years ago I arrived in Hong Kong and I have never regretted coming here. This new and exciting environment has contributed to refreshing perspectives in my photography. The creativity inside me started to flow faster the moment I arrived in this city!


A World of Fantasy 1. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh

A World of Fantasy 1: SKY 180. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh


I have always loved photography and to be surrounded by creativity. The Photo Academy in Amsterdam I attended really gave me a strong background in shooting with digital cameras with emphasis on technique and conceptual thinking. However, it did not always give me the satisfactory results, I wanted to push the artistic feel further. So, I bought a retro analogue camera, a Nikon FE, to further explore and to feel more connected to the camera, the model, and myself. Shooting with old-fashioned film rolls is a different experience; it is so great to carefully think how to create your shot and then wait for the outcome. I believe it is much more pure.


A World of Fantasy 3. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh

A World of Fantasy 3: LANDING. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh


I experiment with different type of films and techniques to come closer to this artistic look and feel. I manipulate my film rolls before I shoot by soaking them in various liquids like lemon juice, tea, even pee (!!), and sometimes by putting them in the washing machine. When I shoot I use multiple exposures to get a more layered effect, which enhances the dreamy feel I am looking for. What I like from the whole process is that I never know exactly what the outcome will be. On the one hand you need to think carefully what you want to accomplish and how you need to shoot, but on the other hand you just need a bit of luck. Most people think the layering and colours or other patterns are created in photoshop, but it isn’t: what you see is what I shot!



A World of Fantasy 2: WOMAN SILHOUETTE. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh


I mostly use friends to model for me, the girl on the featured image of this article is a good friend of mine for example. The collaboration and connection with the person in front of me is very important for the outcome, since I want to touch their inner feelings. Having somebody around me who feels comfortable with me, makes us come closer to each other. Normally we just wander around in the city or go hiking and when we see a cool spot I shoot some pictures.

Shooting analogue very much helped me also in the digital world; to create a personal style and to look at every assignment from a new perspective. I even got commercial assignments due to my personal portfolio. It is very rewarding if companies choose you for your style, when you are asked to expose your work, and when people approach you to buy your pieces. It is so great to know that some of the art pieces are on the wall in other apartments around the world instead of only showcased on my Instagram or archived on my Mac.


A World of Fantasy 4: HUMAN NATURE. Courtesy Sarie Moolenburgh





Sarie Moolenburgh is a Dutch South African photographer based in Hong Kong. After 8 years of working for a branding and design agency in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, she transformed her photography hobby into a full-time job, working for various companies and brands in real estate, travel, fashion & lifestyle; but she also does non-commercial work such as portraits and shoots weddings.

Her personal style is fine art photography focusing on portraits and documentaries, where the connection between people and their environment is highlighted.



The series ‘A world of Fantasy’ showcase a summary of Sarie's analogue work and is shown at Bite Unite (G/F, 15 Lung On Street, Wanchai) until the 13th of May 2017. 







Instagram: @sariemarais







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