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FRANKITAS is a name synonymous to preserving heritage and culture, translating the dying art of intriguing textiles into fashion accessories and home décors relevant to the modern day context.

Meeting Franki is like catching up with a close friend. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates through her shop-cum-gallery which is located in one of the terrace houses in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. Her bubbly personality and her passion towards exotic textiles outshine the intimidation of her being the founder of an independent bag brand – FRANKITAS.

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Owner and founder of FRANKITAS - Francisca Turner Shaik with one of her clutch designs.

Franki Turner, like any other successful entrepreneurs founded her business on solid passion and undying interest towards fabrics. She started as a collector; collecting different types of fabrics in a rainbow of colours and patterns through her travels in different continents around the world. A couple of years later, she had the idea of incorporating some of her batiks into clutches. The response was like hot cake and the rest is history.

The brand has flourished despite being barely a year old and Franki has now expanded her business with consignments in Singapore, Maldives and USA.


FRANKITAS's designs are suitable for all - socialites, boho, carefree-spirited, corporate working women; you name it!

Va Va Voom!

Let’s face it! Who doesn’t like colours? Colours play a crucial role in drawing attention, making a visual impact and creating a lasting impression. The fashion accessories from FRANKITAS are bound to spellbind you with its array of gorgeous hues and one-of-a-kind woven fabric patterns. Made from traditional ethnic textiles that are infused with vivid contemporary colours and designs, FRANKITAS invites women to embrace a distinctive taste and express their personal style effortlessly.


Choose from a rainbow of fabrics in myriad colours and weavings techniques.


The colours on FRANKITAS's clutches are vivid, striking and vibrant! Paired with exclusive traditional designs from places like India, Uzbekistan and Java, one cannot go wrong when it comes to being stylishly outstanding! Spotted here : A Signature Titin Clutch

The clutches are striking; standing out on its own. It is like carrying your ‘culture’ in your hands. They can be paired with traditional clothings like kebaya or Baju Kurung and even with a modern look. If you like a laid-back boho-chic style, the clutch made of Ikat would be perfect to channel the Bohemian style. A vibrant pop of red, yellow or electric blue would definitely work for structured dresses; perfect for cocktail parties or even to the office! The Songket clutches on the other hand would definitely work with elaborated or even simple plain-coloured evening wears. 

Every piece is exclusive and one-of-its-type. They are named interestingly including the Titin Clutch, Jikat Clutch and Semangka Clutch inspired by watermelons.


Spotted here are the Uzbek Silk Scarf and a gorgeous Travel Bag!


You can also embrace the power of monochromes with FRANKITAS!

The Travel Bags that come in Indonesian Batik, Ikat or Rangrang with leather and suede lining are perfect for travelling or even for women who loves to lug everything into one big carrier. Besides, Franki also incorporates her beautiful fabrics into fashion accessories like earrings and neckpieces.


One of the many earrings and necklaces designs incorporating traditional fabrics only available in FRANKITAS.

She has also ventured into the home and living route; producing lampshades and cushion covers using these exotic fabrics. Some of these woven jewels are also framed up as art pieces.


Unlock the beauty of rich culture and flamboyant heritage from all over the world with FRANKITAS!

Find out more about their latest products on :




Or talk to them via email at

Photography by Caroline (BlueCicada Photography)

p/s : I will be sharing more about her textiles in my next post! So stay tune! 😀

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