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By Gloria Ng


Kagami Studio celebrated its second anniversary with a mini exhibition held at the Studio 83 last Saturday. Karen has invited 5 individuals, including myself, with different backgounds to be invovled in silver clay making and to showcase our works during an art jam event. Three of them are students from their certificate course. The other one was Karen's partner, Hosanna, who is a certified silver clay instructor, then it was Karen and myself. 



As a collaboration, Karen invited me to her studio and taught me basic skills on working with silver clay weeks before the exhibition. This was a brand new experience for me. With the flexibility of clay, I came up with ideas which involve pressing and moulding, utilising the nature of clay. My work was about protruded points on the body.

2014-06-21 18.15.07

2014-06-21 18.15.30

Still at the state of clay after pressing

2014-06-30 02.34.16

Fired, with fine details shown

2014-06-30 02.35.03

The other sides are polished to show a shiny finishing


2014-07-05 22.12.42

Set up at the exhibition

Each of the exhibitors related her work with the theme in a different way. As an architect, Karen has combined the idea of building architecture and making jewellery. She has also applied the technique of origami into silver clay making. This resulted in a series of miniatures. I especially like the setting with the illustrations on the background. 

Karen's piece - K+ Playground

2014-06-21 21.33.45

Another piece by Karen, a study of spider web and the droplets on top

2014-06-21 21.33.47

Karen always loves to combine materials, this time with wood


2014-06-30 19.37.00

Little bees made out of silver clay with the technique of origami



A painting as part of her work to show the nature of spiderweb



Peggy's work on water droplets


Hosanna showing a series of works about life

We kicked off the art jam event by inviting participants to paint on a big canvas prepared by Studio 83. They all enjoyed themselves during the 4 hours event painting their own canvas and left the studio with a masterpiece in hand! 

2014-07-05 22.12.45

Exhibition continues at Kagami Studio till 31July. For appointment please call 3689 3730. 



      • 2014-07-05 22.12.45
      • 2014-07-05 22.12.42
      • 2014-07-05 19.14.03-1
      • 1558379_674079746017375_2698178286060884849_n
      • 10475472_668222709936412_784710641342717103_n
      • 10487363_674079696017380_8433773150305584025_n
      • 10492564_668222739936409_3245599645749513910_n
      • 10527277_674079682684048_6354962247597767101_n
      • 2014-06-21 18.15.07
      • 2014-06-21 18.15.19
      • 2014-06-21 18.15.30
      • 2014-06-30 02.34.16
      • 2014-06-30 02.35.03
      • 2014-06-21 21.33.45
      • 2014-06-21 21.33.47
      • 2014-06-30 19.37.00


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