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Once upon a time, there was a curious and ambitious young girl from Hong Kong with a “can-do” spirit. She studied, worked, lived and traveled around the world, from US to UK, to Switzerland to the Middle East. She has now chosen to live just a stone throw away from the world's tallest and glitziest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

This girl has a dream, a big ambitious dream to create an independent fashion label that provide comfortable uncomplicated quality clothing for modern sophisticated women. This girl's name is Kay Li and she has just joined us as a blogger covering the exciting world of fashion from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.



My passion for fashion design began at an early age. My mother was a pattern-drafting teacher and my father was a well-known model maker in Hong Kong. I inherited the best part of both worlds: an eye on lines and proportions and a sense of cut, fit, quality and finishings in apparel. Here are some of my sketches and mood boards.




In pursuit of my enthusiasm for fashion, I studied at the prestigious ESMOD, a fashion school originated in Paris, France, and graduated with the 1st Fashion award in New Couture and an Excellence award.

I started my namesake label – Kay Li in 2012 and it has been gaining momentum ever since! Earlier this year, I was invited to travel back home to Hong Kong to exhibit as part of Greenhouse at The Hub. When I told people my collections were manufactured in Dubai, you could see sparkles in their eyes and suddenly they take an interest in my life story.

You know, I'm a Hongiee at heart. I'm a proud Hong Kong fashion designer!

That said, one can clearly see how my upbringing influence my designs – angular, geometrical refined with a touch of European chic.

A long admirer of traditional Japanese arts and craft, Kay Li’s coming Autumn/winter collection expresses the structural basket weaving pattern through placement of pleats and texture of the fabrics. Clean and unclustered lines are the focus in this collection.


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This week, I will be jet-setting to Italy as part of the Best 100 emerging designers handpicked by the respectable Not Just a Label to participate in Origin Passions and Belief. Kay Li is also on the radar of Fashion Farm Foundation in Hong Kong (which is another blogger here on Style by Asia, you can find their articles HERE), and you will see me in action this summer under their project Friday. You can also catch me at the upcoming edition of HK Fashion Week in July where I will be debuting my new SS16 collection.




I am surely living my dream and creating my very own version of “Happily ever after”


Please follow me here on Style by Asia to learn more about the exciting world of fashion in Dubai and the rest of the UAE!



You can shop my collection at: Not Just a Label and Gnossem 

Also coming soon at ModaCorner


Private client order:




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Biographical Info:    Fashion Designer for contemporary womenswear Kay Li. A proud Hongiee that lives in magical Dubai, for more than 6 years already. I am a true supporter of all things designed and made by genuine artists. Follow me on SbA and I will show you the artistic side of the glitz and glam Dubai and beyond.
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