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Luna Estate is a gorgeous vineyard located in the Martinborough district of North Island, New Zealand. The estate is one of many vineyards now taking to art to distinguish themselves. Read on below to get a sneak peak of their new labels and bottles to be released on October 1st!



As above, so below, and inspired by the Earth’s moon, the Luna Estate comprises of two individual vineyards; Luna Eclipse Vineyard & Luna Blue Rock Vineyard. Luna is also the name of the owners daughter, but both the moon and Mother Nature together serve as their muse.

And how could one not take inspiration from Mother Nature, with a location like this?

View over the vines at Luna Estate. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.

View over the vines at Luna Estate. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.


Autumn at Luna Estate. Image Courtesy of Luna Estate.

All of us are dictated by the rhythms and cycles of mother nature and our moon really personifies this, its movements having perhaps the greatest effect on us of all. It is incredibly important in the world of physics and a persons horoscope is never complete without also reading the persons moon sign. In short, the moon has a tremendous impact on our lives. Visually and philosophically the Luna Calendar represents this concept well. And so it was natural that this is what the owners used to adorn their bottles with when they decided to redesign their labels. The vineyard uses a 12 month cycle that begins in April 2016 through April 2017 – which corresponds with the actual growing season for the New Zealand grapes. It is a southern hemisphere calendar adapted from Rudolph Steiner in New Zealand and the next vintage will be April 2017 – April 2018. This vintage will thus be showing a slightly different Luna Calendar. This becomes especially interesting if you line up multiple vintages alongside each other, as the bottles will all be showing a slightly different label, corresponding to each particular year. 

Steven Lynch of Sprout Design in Wellington, who has developed the visuals, says:

"The name obviously supplied a rich range of options for us to work from, from pure representation to more lateral interpretations. The lunar calendar (label) and lunar orbit path (caps) and even the lunar phases which are depicted on the cartons, perhaps sit in between the extremes of an obvious literal rendering and other ideas that would have been pretty fun, but would asked the viewer to take too many leaps to 'get it’ or been too whimsical."
We think that he is spot on. When giving the labels a first glance, and without knowing the background, you would think it is "just" a minimalistic, and stylish label. With the story explained however, it becomes distinctly clear, without being cheesy. Steven says that for him, it was important to come up with a concept and finding a point of difference, something perhaps a little more unexpected and a touch original. And we definitely think they have succeeded in doing so.
At Luna we work with the rhythms of nature to create wines of exceptional quality
A wine label does not only have to balance the wishes of the owners, with what is appropriate for the brand and perhaps also what is expected from a wine label by most. One also has to take in to consideration a continuity from old wine labels, plus ensuring that variety, vintage and geographic designation are clear.

As far as colour palate goes, we think they are spot on - the inky blue fits perfectly as a representation of the night sky at either dusk or dawn. It looks classy and sophisticated. Mature without being boring. The luna calendar on the label is silver and it is raised and textured, giving it an even more luxurious feel. To add to that, the name ‘luna’ is in foil gold.  


The Luna wine label. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.


But the design does not stop with just the label. The image around the skirt of the cap is depicting the Lunar path orbiting the Earth (left below). It is shown by the path the moon makes passing first close, then further away from us as its cycle dictates. The top of the cap (right below) is a luminescent sphere, conjuring thoughts of a big, low harvest moon sitting low on the horizon.


Luna_Estate_Cap_2 Luna_Estate_Cap

Images Courtesy of Luna Estate


For the vineyards Rose wine it was decided to create something a little unique to get some attention. The owners also wanted to support a great cause - namely New Zealand art!

In this commitment to the arts, it means that every year a piece of art will be purchased or commissioned. With the artists permission it will then be used on the labels as well as for their distinctive gift boxes. The wine itself is off the Blue Rock Vineyard and is made from Pinot Meunier (an earlier ripening cousin of Pinot Noir). This is a rare grape, and hence the company only make 500 cases, making it very small, boutique, and exclusive.

This year the vineyard purchased an art piece from a local Wellington artist called Jane Blackmore, entitled ‘Beautiful Remedy’, which is a work of oil on canvas. As a side note, Jane also co-owns the Shelley Bay gallery Blackmore & Best (find out more about it here). We think this piece of art fits perfectly to the rose and the curved, feminine bottle.


Image Courtesy Luna Estate


This work ‘Beautiful Remedy’ centres on Peonies, which are not only beautiful flowers, but are also grown in the Wairarapa province (in which Martinborough and the vineyard itself is located). "So naturally this is a perfect fit for our beautiful Rose", sales and marketing manager Rick Lindsay says . "The painting and label emit a beauty that radiates outwards and the bottle too differs from all the other eight wines in the selection. It is unique and feminine. We can’t wait to relase this wine on 1st October".


Luna's wines are not only delicious to drink and the labels great to look at - the gorgeous gift boxes completely matches!


Gift boxes

Gift Boxes. Image Courtesy Luna Estate and Sprout Designs.



About Luna Estate

Two precious parcels of land are home to Luna Estate’s Martinborough vineyards in the Wairarapa wine-growing region of New Zealand. Two distinct terroirs to create one magical wine selection.

The Eclipse Vineyard is the certified organic vineyard on the famed Martinborough Terrace and the Blue Rock Vineyard, 13 kilometres away, is undulating and North facing. The vineyards oldest blocks of vines are between 20 and 30 years old, a privilege in a relatively young but highly respected wine-growing area. The vine age combines with semi-nutrient, free-draining soils and strategically small yields, to produce wines of exceptional structure and complex flavours.

The passionate, dedicated team tends the vineyards, hand picks the fruit and lends an experienced but light touch to the winemaking.

There is also a full Mediterranean/ North African inspired kitchen at the Luna cellar door and the vineyard is one of the favourite spots for outdoor concerts in the summers. Keep an eye on their website for news.


We can't wait to visit!


Luna Estate. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.


The company's new, improved website will be live at the end of August, just in time for the October 1st release of the new labels and vintages. Check it out here

 And remember where you saw it first!


The entrance to Luna Estate. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.

The entrance to Luna Estate. Image Courtesy Luna Estate.



Luna Estate 

133 Puruatanga Rd, Martinborough 5784

p. +64-6-306 9360

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