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Are you looking for a new way to raise funds for your business?

Next Chapter is a new rewards-based crowdfunding platform based in Hong Kong. You may have heard a lot about crowdfunding but what is it exactly and why might it be a right fit for you and your business?

Crowdfunding is a smart, popular and proven way for people to raise money online from their network of family-members, friends and even like-minded people they don’t even know yet – “the crowd” – to launch or grow a business. In return, a campaigner offers supporters “rewards”, without giving away equity in their company. 


Hong Kong based crowdfunding platform Next Chapter was launched to help campaigners raise funds, test the viability of their product in the market and get valuable feedback about their products or services. This includes leveraging the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing to build a community of enthusiastic fans.  


What will make your campaign succeed?

Next Chapter founder Nicole Denholder gives her Top Tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Being well prepared in advance
  2. Preparing a good story and video showcasing the product
  3. Developing interesting and appealing rewards
  4. Promotion of the campaign before and during the campaign


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Next Chapter, founded by Nicole Denholder an Australian who has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years, will focus on campaigns that are led by female entrepreneurs or have women as co-founders, from any kind of industry with a focus on innovative products or services. 

Nicole shares that while many people are looking for funding when launching a campaign, they are also looking for the marketing buzz and increased social media profile that can come from running a successful campaign.  This was evident in Next Chapter’s recently launched and successfully funded pilot campaign for the book My HK Vehicles. The campaign was 120% successfully funded, and it will now be stocked in Bookazine and Kidnapped bookstores in Hong Kong! The project owner, Elise Phillipson, both increased her social media profile & sales. This first campaign is totally in-line with Next Chapter’s mission to support female entrepreneurs through their business journey.


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So what are the key considerations when crowdfunding and trying to get funding from the “crowd”?:

  1. Products historically are more successful than services
  2. Services can be crowdfunded, but the rewards need to be creative
  3. Products that are innovative, not easily found in stores do best
  4. Need to target a community and
  5. Think in niches


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Nicole also iterates that another positive outcome from a successful campaign is that you can quickly gain an audience that when well managed can be a future purchaser of other products you might offer, but also act as an ambassador to the brand.

For those interested in a potential campaign, Next Chapter is offering a fee-free crowdfunding campaign for the first 5 campaigns that quote STYLEBYASIA16. You can find more details at or contact Nicole at


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Twitter: @nextchaptercf






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