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100 of the best independent designers in the world, 100 of the best Italian manufacturers and 1 gigantic Fiera di Vicenza. Not Just a Label, an online platform that supports and nurtures young and emerging designer around the world, pulled off the impossible. My fashion label Kay Li and I were lucky enough to be selected as part of the 100. I still have no idea why they chose me but the team of NJAL ensured everyone that participated were in fact THE BEST out of the 18,000 designers they have in their database. Talk about an ego boost!

As a proud fashion designer from Hong Kong, I can tell you, out of the best 100, 5 (including myself, 6) slots were occupied by Hong Kong designers. No other city but London exceeds that number so you see... if anyone in Hong Kong think creativity in MY home city is B-S... they are wrong... so darn wrong! Now let me introduce you to my fellow HK designers!


Cynthia & Xiao – a womenswear brand founded on bold graphics infused with simple modernity

Cynthia and Xiao Cynthia and Xiao Cynthia and Xiao


8Cuff – a sport-lux street wear label inspired by social issues. 8CUFF has been recognized for their talent and has been featured in many press. It also got selected one of 200 emerging designers by Vogue Talents on Vogue Italia September 2014. Their FW15 collection 'Who watches the Watchmen' has won the Silver prize from International Design Award (LA,USA) on Avant-garde Menswear 2015. Also the collection has been nominated as finalist on Mittelmoda (Italy), and BeNext (Georgia).

2Look-1---1 2Look-4---1- 8 Cuffs


Mandi Lam – A fresh graduate with a BA in Fashion & Textile Knitwear Design with Technology Specialism in Hong Kong.

Mandi Lam


Matter Matters – a giant in Hong Kong accessories field. You can find them in Colette Paris and Net-a-porter or simply go to K11 Tsim Sha Tsui! 

MatterMatters MatterMatters2


Harrison Wong – fashion forward menswear designer

HarrisonWong HarrisonWong1



Inspirational! Love! Support!


I cannot tell you how much this event has changed me and I am so grateful for such an opportunity. I met independent talented designers from around the world and it was truly inspirational. Enough words.. now let's check out some pictures!

150517_OPB2015_04_L1013023_web      150517_OPB2015_04_L1013028_web  150517_OPB2015_04_TR13752_web      IMG_1772

IMG_1741  IMG_1750 IMG_1752


Next week, I will show you which designers from the Middle East made it in the "Best 100" list for this massive creative initiative!  Stay tuned!



      • 2Look-4---1-
      • 2Look-1---1
      • Cynthia and Xiao
      • Cynthia and Xiao
      • Cynthia and Xiao
      • 8 Cuffs
      • Mandi Lam
      • MatterMatters
      • MatterMatters2
      • 150517_OPB2015_04_L1013023_web
      • 150517_OPB2015_04_L1013028_web
      • HarrisonWong
      • HarrisonWong1
      • 150517_OPB2015_04_TR13725_web
      • 150517_OPB2015_04_TR13752_web
      • IMG_1741
      • IMG_1747
      • IMG_1750
      • IMG_1752
      • IMG_1772
      • MatterMatters2


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