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OSHA is a fine dining venue in the heart of Bangkok's business district. Full of gold, it is made to feel like you are dining in a royal palace. And yes, the food is royal too - you are in for a treat.



Entering this (surprisingly enough) San Francisco-started fine dining experience in the heart of Bangkok's business district on Wireless Road simply takes your breath away. The building alone is impressive, a freestanding low-rise structure among the skyscrapers around it, already promising as you approach the entrance with its large floor-to-ceiling doors. And then once you step through the doors, your senses overload.

There is A LOT of gold at OSHA. Everywhere


Initially, every single square centimetre seems to be covered with the expensive metal (and yes, it is all real gold leaf covered - and it must have cost a fortune..). Not until your eyes have stabilised and your senses settled a bit do you start noticing nuances. Details such as the beautiful and complimentary fabrics on the chairs and sofas, the dark wood which covers the rest of the interior, and the extravagant floor tiles for example. But it takes a while to.. well, take in. The gold as well as other expensive and luxurious materials used are all made to give the restaurant an air of luxury, and it is no surprise to hear that many corporate dinners and lunches are held at the venue. The round tables with matching round sofas are made for intimate discussions, and no doubt many business deals have been struck within these walls.

As you turn your gaze upwards, your senses jolt again - in the high ceiling a story of Hanuman's adventures from the Ramayana epic is playing out using 3D mapping technique. The main colour of the tale played? Gold of course.



Ceiling motion pictures using 3D mapping technique. The second floor dining area shaped like monk bowls can also be seen. Photo courtesy of OSHA.



The interior is made to give guests a feeling of dining in a royal palace

and it succeeds in doing so. The cherry on the cake in this case is a chandelier shaped like a chada, a sort of a crown traditionally worn by Thai Dancers during theatrical performances. The PR manager whom I meet on the night jokingly calls the installation, because I do see it as an art piece more than anything, a "chaddalier". And it truly is impressive, even if it perhaps is not something I would go for in my own home. For one thing this thing needs space, and at OSHA there is space The chaddalier is hung in the staircase leading up to the second floor and is a replica of the normally much smaller size chadas worn by performers. It is meticulously crafted and decorated with gems and glass and it is truly impressive. No wonder it is the most photographed item in the restaurant! Many selfies have been taken in front of this and even OSHA's signature cocktail comes complete with its own mini chada.



The Chaddalier hanging over the staircase. Photo courtesy of OSHA.

OSHA signature cocktail. Complete with a small chada. Photo courtesy of OSHA.

OSHA's signature cocktail complete with a small chada. Photo courtesy of OSHA.


The second floor is more to my liking architecturally speaking; a smaller section terrace overlooking the main dining hall below. Here you can choose between smaller private tables in what is designed to look like monk's bowls from below. Lampshades take their inspiration from temple bells. Alternatively, you can opt to sit on the other side of the balcony by the gorgeous (also gold leaf enhanced) wall paintings depicting temple life and stories. At the back is a private dining room with a capacity for 12 people and the whole floor can be converted to a private dining or party venue. I can't help but think:

I would love to host a birthday party here!


Ambience 4

Murals accented with gold leaf on OSHA's second floor. Photo courtesy of OSHA.

Ambience 5

Private VIP room on second floor seating up to 12 people. Lampshades inspired by temple bells. Photo courtesy of OSHA.


OSHA, a concept actually originally from San Francisco, was listed as one of Bangkok's new restaurants in 2014 by BK Magazine.  During the past 17 years the restaurants bearing the same name have operated in the US, the group has made a name for itself and today there are nine outlets. However, Bangkok is the only one fitted out and embracing the upscale, fine dining version: OSHA Thai Restaurat & Bar. Recently the younger sister OSHA Café with its casual dining style opened in Bangkok at Asiatique The Riverfront, warehouse 10 (Asiatique is the largest riverside shopping mall in SouthEast Asia).

Now to the food. The food does need a mentioning as it is simply divine. But it is also a work of art. The concept is "The Best Authentic Thai with a Molecular Twist", using Molecular Gastronomy. OSHA was started based on a passion for cooking and to promote authentic Thai taste and excellent service. The result are dishes that not only tastes fantastic but are also fun to eat. Chef Purida Theeraphong has over 15 years experience from Australia and made history when she went on to win Iron Chef Thailand as the first female, as a challenger. "Chef Pu" uses authentic thai herbs, spices and other ingredients locally sourced from all over the country, cherry picking the best Thailand has to offer. These are then paired with ingredients normally seen on "western" menus such as different kinds of meats, scallops and oysters to only name a few. The result is nothing short of fabulous and I can barely walk by the time I leave for the short walk back to my hotel (Hotel Okura Prestige, read our write up about it on the site shortly), I am so full. The best way to describe OSHA is thai food and flavours with really high quality western ingredients. You will find all the traditional Thai dishes on the menu, such as pad thai and squid, but cooked up with a twist and with the best ingredients available, making dining at OSHA a truly memorable experience. And the dishes are nothing short of works of art - delivering pleasure to both your eyes and your tummy.


Scallops with edible flower decoration. Photo courtesy of OSHA

Scallops with edible flower decorations. Photo courtesy of OSHA

Molecular Dining: Poached Oyster with kaffir lime foam. Photo courtesy of OSHA

Molecular Dining: Poached Oyster with kaffir lime foam. Photo courtesy of OSHA


OSHA manages to balance the slightly over-the-top interior nicely, creating a luxury fine dining venue with amazing food. But don't visit if you don't like gold. Or actually; DO - even if you don't like gold. Maybe just ask to sit on the second floor where the design is more subtle. But don't miss out on this experience! A fine marriage of Thai flavours with western style ingredients, OSHA has to be included in any visit to Bangkok, whether it is your first time to the city or one of many. Because:

Where else can you dine like a royal?



99 Wireless Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok. 10330
Tel : 02-256-6555, Fax : 02-256-6551



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