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The new shopping centre named ‘Siam Discovery’ opened on 28th May in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is claiming to be Thailands ‘Biggest Arena for Lifestyle Experiments’ - we take a look at the new shopping mall offering.



The new building and interior of Siam Discovery on Sukhumvit Road is the result of architectural firm called ‘nendo’. It will house the first rollout in Thailand of many famous international brands, but one male and female section each is dedicated to Asian designers. In addition, the mall will offer interactive activities and surprise experiences created with latest technology. The price tag of the rebuild? US$ 112 million

The developer, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd is already the owner of The Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, and Paradise Park, as well as the joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, and with this new development, they hope it will   reinforce their position as ‘thought leader’ in retail development. 

When Siam Discovery first opened in 1997, it was the pioneer of retail developments that are lifestyle destinations. In May 2016, Siam Discovery completed a major rebuild to reinforce its position as a destination at the forefront of retail and lifestyle trends. It operates under the concept of ‘The Exploratorium’, and provides visitors with an extraordinary and emotional experience, inviting them to discover themselves and express who they want to be by experimenting and trying out new products, new ideas, re-thinking conventions, and customising their purchases.

Siam Discovery Interior

Siam Discovery Interior

The new Siam Discovery spread across 40,000 square metres of space (!!), and is Thailand’s largest lifestyle specialty store, placing special emphasis on allowing visitors to experiment by trying out new products and new ideas and giving them opportunities to to discover and re-discover themselves. 

How did they celebrate the launch? More than US$8.5 million was spent on the grand opening event and opening promotions. 

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. said:

We have created a venue where thousands of lifestyle brands are brought together under a single universal concept that puts customers at the centre

“That means everything presented at Siam Discovery is not organized by brand, or category, as in traditional retailing, but by visitors’ interests, because our purpose is no longer just to sell products but to provide an extraordinary and emotional experience that allows visitors to discover and express themselves. We then enhance that experience by adding a very strong story-telling component. As visitors move through the various parts of Siam Discovery, they are immersed in the intangibles of a brand and a category. They are also drawn into stories relevant to their interests, their beliefs, as well as trends, rather than just being presented a selection of products.” 

Siam Discovery Interior - Skin Lab (M floor - His Lab)

Siam Discovery Interior - Skin Lab (M floor - His Lab)


“These experiences are supposed to be highly interactive and with lots of opportunities for visitors to personalise their purchases, keeping up with the trend of customisation. The idea is to empower visitors to make statements about their life preferences, whether it be about sustainability or a love of nature, and to support those preferences through their purchases, and through occasions to interact with like-minded people and communities. This is enhanced through the power of the most advanced digital technology. It’s a totally new and an extraordinarily exciting way of presenting products and their associated lifestyles,” 

Our role as a retailer has advanced to another level and become one of managing visitors’ experiences and emotions, rather than just one of managing products, categories and displays

she continued. 


Products are presented are in five different categories including Everyday Products, Trend Products, Innovative Products & Services, Sustainable Products, and Collaborations and Absolute Siam Products. 

Over 5,000 international and local brands are offered in the retail experience and the developers expect it to attract 100,000 visitors per day in the first year, with around 35% being international visitors. 

Food and beverage outlets are integrated with retail and activity areas and more than 2,500 square metres are dedicated to food and beverage across the entire building.


LOFT at Siam Discovery

LOFT at Siam Discovery


Among the exciting debuts at Siam Discovery is a new Loft store with a new design concept, conceived by world-renowned designer Nendo and Loft Japan’s designers.

Mr. Oki Sato is the founder of ‘nendo’ and one of the world’s top designers. He was voted as among the ‘100 Most Respected Japanese’ by Newsweek Magazine, and provided the overall design inspiration for the new Siam Discovery. It is nendo’s largest project, ever, and his first in Thailand. 

Mr. Oki Sato at Siam Discovery

Mr. Oki Sato at Siam Discovery


The shopping mall at a glance:

G Floor – Her Lab: offering modern fashion goods and services for ladies

M Floor – His Lab: the answer to all the needs of gentlemen

1st Floor – Street Lab: offering a fine selection of street-style products

2nd Floor –Digital Lab: offering products that strike a chord with the digital generation

3rd Floor – Creative Lab: offering inspiration and encouraging creativity

4th Floor – Play Lab: offering new dimensions of fun while being a community for people with the same lifestyle to share their experiences with each other. 

Social Discovery at Siam Discovery

Social Discovery at Siam Discovery


5th and 6th Floor – One of the highlighted facilities is the world-class Virgin Active Fitness. 


 ‘First Time’ Phenomena 

There are a lot of  "firsts" at Siam Discovery. Siam Discovery brings to Thailand the first rollout of many famous brands, including everyday products, trend products, innovative products & services, sustainable products, collaborative and Absolute Siam products. 

For example, Nike opens its only concept store in Southeast Asia, offering a full line of products, including a selection of new technology products to be made available at Siam Discovery ahead of other locations.·Issey Miyake opens its first concept store outside of Japan, called the World of Issey Miyake,·and home decoration brands like Hay, Tom Dixon and Kartell open their first and only concept stores in Thailand. And, Adidas opens its largest concept store in Thailand and with an interactive store concept. For the music lover, Billborad Café will debut at Siam Discovery. It will be the first time in the world that the world’s most recognized music magazine will offer an unprecedented music experience in a café designed for music lovers. ·Sounds like a good stop for a breather?


But we are most excited about the areas dedicated to local Asian brands. There is one located in Her Lab, and one in His Lab.

We can't wait to see what Siam Discovery will bring in the months and years to come - finally a shopping mall that takes its customers beyond the shopping, creating a full sense experience? We'll be keeping a close eye on this!




Siam Piwat Group is one of Thailand’s foremost retail development companies. It is the owner and developer of some of Bangkok’s most iconic lifestyle destinations, including Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Paradise Park and ICONSIAM. Siam Piwat Group currently consists of 28 subsidiary companies with six core businesses, which are real estate development, department store, retailing, marketing communications, venue management and facility management.  

 This is not a sponsored article, no money or goods were exchanged.

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