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You have already read about crafts markets in Hong Kong and Auckland here and here, now the time comes to uncover the treasure troves of Singapore!

Check out below some great spots to go for second hand, vintage or new crafts created by local designers - these markets are great for inspiration as well as picking up a gift or two. Plus, you normally get to chat with the maker themselves, asking questions about the product, the manufacturing process or even the fabrics used! 




Boutiques Singapore

Held only twice a year – in March and November – this fair is more upmarket than the usual flea market. It’s the go-to bazaar for creations by local independent designers, showcasing a high-end mix of fashion, décor and children’s wear.


China Square Central Weekend Flea Market

A veteran of the scene, this weekly flea market (every Sunday from 11am to 6pm) is a reliable place to score antiques and collectibles, including records, comics and watches. Look harder and you can snap up hard-to-find items for a few Singapore dollars each.

18 Cross Street
(65) 6327-4473



This is perhaps Singapore’s largest flea market organiser with both regular and one-off bazaars under its belt. Most are style-centric, with pocket-friendly second-hand apparel and fast fashion from blogshops. They’re a big hit with the younger crowd, though the whole family can have fun sifting through bargains.



The monthly held MAAD, or Market of Artists and Designers, falls on the first or second Friday from 5pm to midnight. It focuses on original creations by local artists, designers and crafters, with local bands performing and DJs spinning.

Red Dot Design Museum
28 Maxwell Road
(65) 6534-7194


Public Garden

This monthly staple is typically held at arts or heritage venues such as the Esplanade. Up to 100 local indie businesses and creatives showcase their wares here, from vintage clothes to artworks.


Zouk Flea & Easy

Held in Singapore’s superclub, this quarterly bazaar is the city’s first trendy flea market and still reigns with great music, a cool venue and rare sartorial finds. Shop around the 70 stalls offering everything from pre-loved clothes to vintage collectibles.



Information and featured image courtesy Your Singapore


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