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SOULPOT STUDIO, a South Korean based fashion brand mark their 10th anniversary in this year. Previously seen at showcases in Hong Kong and Singapore, SOULPOT showed their new collection, the 10-year anniversary one, at Seoul Fashion Week.


SOULPOT STUDIO search and study the root of humans and human nature. For this new collection the brand went back to the start, and out of this, 34 styles were made. In this new collection, SOULPOT STUDIO challenges 'power dressing', and makes an attempt to make a read of new femininity. 

The Fashion scene is expressed as a ‘battle field’, shown with an army look and twisted dramatic femininity with velvet, jacquard and lace. 80’s retro mood with oversized silhouettes, staple, and sheath dress lines were reborn with SOULPOT STUDIO’s signature handmade, patchwork cutting. Also a connection of irregular eco-leather patch shows the process of connecting with uncompleted pieces in battle of instinct, filling in and sealing the cracks. It presents harmony of not only motivation, but also wound, and different representation as completed patterns. This is completed with draping, and stapler steel details as SOULPOT STUDIO’s storytelling method.

The designer, Sujinn Kim said herself:

This collection is the confessions about real life and root of young female designer who’ve been making collection to heal others. Breathing and being here is not because struggling for myself.

Companions who are running with in this battle filed, look with belief, and all those motivations embrace the one who are not completed, close the wound, and make me stand up again here.

We would like to make the collection to tribute to the designer’s and their crew’s life in the backstage which cannot be expected how long will it continue. Wanted to remember and find out the meaning of “our” beginning.


The collection of 17FW SOULPOT STUDIO is not just a defection of 10 years of the brand, it has been an evolution.

Watch the video from Seoul Fashion Week here


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