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Yes you heard me. I know... It's HUGE.


As last year was drawing to an end, I reflected on Style by Asia, where we are today, and where we should be heading over the next few years. In the three years since the platform was first founded, we have grown so much. And so fast.
We have done great collaborations with brands, companies, artists and galleries and helped businesses with events, media outreach, and collaboration introductions. We have participated in numerous panel debates (and led a few too), discussing the current and future state of the creative scenes in Asia, and we have been media partner for many big art fairs and worked closely with design events in both Shanghai and Taiwan. Our Creative Discussions in Hong Kong and other events have brought creatives together and inspired the participants to new creative highs. 
Our Shop Local page on the site has enabled our readers to discover and support great local businesses, and we have co-hosted events not just in Hong Kong, but in Shanghai and we have attended many more all over the region.
We have forged great relationships and while doing so, helped shine a spotlight on new businesses, great local brands, up and coming artists, heritage buildings and not-to-miss events all around the Asia Pacific Region. 
Moreover, we have also given our readers great tips about stylist places to stay, great little neighbourhoods and creative enclaves to visit while traveling the region. 
In short, we have kept an ear close to the ground and stayed up to date with the diverse creative scenes in the Asia Pacific region, serving as a one-stop shop for inspiration, insights and trends for our readers all over globe!
While this has been an amazing journey, there is SO much more that can and should be done in order to realise the platform’s enormous potential.
Therefore, the time has come for me as the managing director to pass the business on to someone with bigger resources and a bigger team, who can take Style by Asia onwards and upwards, to new highs.  

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