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  • Luna – Wine Design at its best June 29

    Luna Estate is a gorgeous vineyard located

  • VIDEO: Steve Leung June 29

    Winner of the 2016 Pinnacle Award, Perspective Magazine

  • Singapore Festival of Arts June 28

    A celebration of the arts

  • CatchOn : Made In China June 27

    Founded in 2001, CatchOn is an independent

  • ‘Cultural Hong Kong’ – exhibition about West Kowloon June 26

    From now until 30 November, as part

  • Design Bar-Hopping in Hong Kong June 23

    This is a sponsored post


  • “F is for FENDI” – street art on the roofs! June 22
  • Senior Collaborations at SCAD Hong Kong! June 21

    There is no question that we love

  • VIDEO: Design Perspectives x Golden Pin Salon in KL June 20
  • DIY: The Bamboo Project June 19

    Soo..I got a bit excited and inspired

  • ‘M+ Museum of Visual Culture’

    By Kenza van Lerberghe for IROCO Design. For those who are new to Hong Kong or for those who have vaguely heard about it, let us dedicate our first blog to the most ambitious project the Hong Kong government has ever undertaken to position itself as a cultural hub to equal New York, London and Paris.The idea of building an arts and cultural district on reclaimed land in West Kowloon emerged 16 years ago. The project, a master plan by Norman Foster, consists of building 17 arts and cultural venues next to Victoria Habour facing the impressive Hong Kong skyline...


    Tuesday, 29 July, 2014
    Zaza VL

    M+ Museum Exhibition, Hong Kong Dazzling neon signage has been a common sight upon Hong Kong's streets since the mid-20th century, insidiously becoming a key visual identifier of the city in the popular imagination. However, as technology marches on and the skilled craftsmen who created this once ubiquitous lighting become ever fewer, handmade neon signs have gradually been replaced with brighter and cheaper LED lights and fluorescence. Although such modern lighting solutions are far less labor intensive to produce and will continue the tradition of Hong Kong's famously lit streets, these methods lack the intrinsic creative flair that is present within handmade neon signs created by local masters of the craft...


    Friday, 11 April, 2014


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