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Howdy! It is time for a bit of DIY again after a short silence. I decided to make a DIY bed base last weekend, with a little help from a friend. It is always best to have four pairs of eyes, rather than two, so I took help from his (and some of his manpower) for my project.


The reason why I decided to make a bed base, is that buying one is really quite expensive, and since I had access to some dear old pallets I thought why not?! Eco friendly, unique and cheap! This project had all I wanted. And more.

Actually one of the problems I had was that the pallets I had chosen for my project were slightly the wrong size. To add to my problems, my bedroom has a slightly different design, which means some strange angles, and this called for some creativity.

After a bit of thinking and measuring I decided for the best plan of attack. I would use the two slightly shorter pallets side by side, as they would then make up 160cm, and would be enough (with a little margin) for my queen size bed. I would use the longer one across, and cut it out to fit the beam in my bedroom. That way, and instead of just cutting the whole thing at 160cm, I also got a small area for books and candles next to the bed - without buying a bedside table. Keeping the whole thing to the maximum width on the other hand would have made it difficult to get in and out of bed. Something to remember. Now to the fun...


What you need:

  • A saw or two
  • Hammer and nails
  • Measuring tape
  • White (of course, what else?!) paint 


These pallets had been drying in the sun so they were nice and dry. This is important, as if you are taking pallets that have been outside for a while, the risk is that they mould if you just take them in when they are damp.

As we were left with some unsupported lengths of wood at the ends where we had cut it, we removed the blocks from the ends of the cut offs, and simply nailed them in at the new ends. That way the ends are supported and the planks don't risk breaking off.



This is how the finished, sawed result looked, with the end bits nailed into the ends. It will do the trick!



In place in my bedroom. You can see how the bit we sawed fits perfectly into the nooks of the corner of the room.

There is a small shelf space to the right at the top, and at the same it is not too wide, so not to make getting in and out of bed difficult.


Close up of the fitting.


All painted and the mattress placed on top!

Remember to put a sheet or similar in-between the pallets and the mattress to protect it from splinters and things. Don't use plastic as it will "sweat" and potentially make the bottom of the bed mouldy.

IMG_6785 IMG_6787


The finished result. I went for white, grey and black. What do you think?

      • IMG_6738
      • IMG_6739
      • IMG_6741
      • IMG_6748
      • IMG_6750
      • IMG_6785
      • IMG_6787


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