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Bye Bye Summer! The season in Dubai has finally arrived!  To kick off countless fashion events, art exhibitions, galleries evenings - Fashion Forward Season 6 will be held on 22-25 Oct in the prestigious Madinat Jumeriah Conference Center , just a stone throw away from the 7-star Burj al Arab.

I will be going there to support my friends, attend talks from international biiiiiig names and of course hang out to just people watch!

So watch this space!  I will be giving you an insider look in the most exciting fashion event from the glitz DxB!



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Biographical Info:    Fashion Designer for contemporary womenswear Kay Li. A proud Hongiee that lives in magical Dubai, for more than 6 years already. I am a true supporter of all things designed and made by genuine artists. Follow me on SbA and I will show you the artistic side of the glitz and glam Dubai and beyond.
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