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We all spend 30% of our life in bed, so WHY are we not taking more care of that time, and making it important?


Hong Kong based Bamboa has made it (one of) their missions to change that. Their bamboo bed linen is made from bamboo fibers that are 3 times more durable than cotton, naturally anti-bacterial, odour-resistant and smooth as silk!

Sounds like a win, win, win, win to us!



Especially in Asian countries, where the high humidity can lead to problems with mold, these sheets are perfect. Not only because they are a dream to sleep in (we have tried them out!) but also because of their anti-bacterial and odour-resistant qualities. They are also luxuriously soft and have a fantastic sheen to them.

BAMBOA's bamboo bed linen are made from 100% bamboo rayon, with a weight of 320 GSM (the equivalent of 800 GSM for cotton) and are of the highest quality. You'd be very hard pressed to find anything that equals this in Hong Kong (and the world?)! The bamboo bed linen is also the obvious eco-friendly choice as bamboo does not require pesticides nor water to grow (!!). Furthermore, bamboo fiber is entirely natural and completely biodegrades, returning to nature without harming the environment.

Bamboo is actually a grass (not a tree which is a common misunderstanding) and there are over 1,000 different species that are native to every continent, except for Europe and the poles. It is the fastest growing plant on the earth, with some species growing up to one meter within 24 hours!  



So what are the advantages of bamboo versus cotton when it comes to bedding?

  • Extremely soft and silky texture
  • Highly absorbent (3 x more than cotton) and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic (perfect for sensitive skin)
  • Naturally Anti-bacterial and Odour Resistant, so they stay fresh longer
  • Biodegradable textile material




The Bamboa sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers also come with a free gift! They come packaged in a beautiful laundry draw string bag, made from the same fabric - perfect to re-use as a shoe bag, travel bag for delicates or even as a sports bag for the kids. Again, Bamboa has thought about nature, and this way they not only eliminate the need for disposable packaging, they offer a beautiful way to present their products. And you get a beautiful bag that you can reuse over and over again! 


We can guarantee you that once you have slept in the bamboo sheets from Bamboa - you will not want to ever sleep in anything else, ever again! 


In addition to these gorgeous bed linens, the company also produces towels and other bamboo products such as bowls and other interior design goods, sunglasses, and even a bamboo bike! They also carry products especially for the little ones, and we really can't think of any other material we would like to wrap the precious ones in! Just look at the cute hooded towels below!


Head over to PMQ to visit their showroom - or pop over to their website! Bamboa offers free international shipping on all orders over 100 USD so get shopping (you'll get to that amount in no time..)!


   Queen Duvet Cover - Grey-500x500 hoodies-500x500



Beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense.  As we head into a future of scarcer resources and limited energy, it is our goal and perhaps even calling to help rediscover bamboo's beauty and qualities and for it to replace materials such as hardwoods, stainless steel, plastics and concrete.
There are an increasing number of ways bamboo can be used and an increasing number of products that can be made from it, in particular to complement high value timber-wood products. Bamboo is also more and more important in environmental conservation and for rehabilitating degraded land.Julia Washbourne, CEO and Founder of Bamboa 
By choosing Bamboa’s products, consumers can take pride in knowing that their purchases support local artisans and rural industry throughout the developing world. 
Not only are bamboo products environmentally friendly, furthermore due to bamboo’s rapid growth rate, bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than trees and it is considered a critical element in the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 
Bamboo and rattan are integral to the lives of up to 1.5 billion people, roughly a quarter of the present world population. For many of them life is a constant struggle against poverty and deprivation.
Bamboo and rattan can provide them with a sustainable way out of poverty, a stable source of income for a growing range of micro, small and medium sized enterprises.
Through a fascination for bamboo and its potential to help alleviate deforestation and poverty in rural areas, Julia Washbourne launched the brand BAMBOA in 2008. Bamboa is a brand that carries products made from locally harvested bamboo and made by local communities throughout Asia.

Bamboa has a retail boutique in the PMQ building, located in Soho on Hong Kong Island. Bamboa's team designs and markets contemporary and attractive bamboo products ranging from tableware, lifestyle products to flooring and bamboo fabric.

Bamboa’s mission is to provide beautiful products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource.
A part of the proceeds from selling bamboo products goes towards environmental projects, which help protect our earth’s biodiversity and nature. 
S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ), Central, Hong Kong

Tel: + 852 2291 0285

Fax: + 852 2291 0286


Opening Hours:

12 pm to 7 pm Monday to Friday (Except public holidays)

12 pm to 8 pm Saturday to Sunday (public holidays)

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