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Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF), an organisation aiming to help Hong Kong brands establish themselves locally and internationally, led 3 Hong Kong based designer brands to a runway show on the first day of Paris Fashion Week AW17 on 28 February 2017 under the HKFG program. Three brands, including Cynthia & Xiao, FFIXXED STUDIOS and id, presented their latest AW17 collection in a historical building in Université Paris Descartes. 


The brands: 



Established by Hong Kong designers Julio and Cyrus, id is founded on the inspiration between the designers' chemistry and relationship of the counterbalance between opposing contrasts of romanticism and realism. id’s AW17 collection is inspired by German artist Kathe Kollwitz and the new women from the roaring 1920s. Kollwitz unflinchingly explored human suffering, women grieving dead children, families torn and women left alone and helpless. This surge of pain across the countries drives the role and act of women into a new age of the roaring 1920’s flappy girl. The collection intends to celebrate the transformation of the “Old” long and traditional silhouette against the “New” sexy and cropped proportion. Beneath that flirty skirt hides the voices of the empowered women to express their anger towards war and society.



Cynthia & Xiao is a womenswear brand founded on bold graphics infused with simple modernity. Launched in 2014, the duo Chinese Fashion Designer Cynthia Mak & Xiao Xiao work together to bring out a collection where the aesthetics takes the root of Cynthia’s background of Graphic Design and Fashion Design. The AW17 collection is inspired by two Chinese symbols, the rabbit and the tiger. Tu’erYe, the Rabbit God, is a Chinese deity who comes from the moon and protects people from illness. The tiger, which is seen as strong and mighty, is believed to protect children from disasters. In continuation of the brand’s traditions, the collection is filled with intricate, handcrafted details.



FFIXXED STUDIOS was initiated by Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2010. FFIXXED STUDIOS represents an ongoing approach to constructing creative working situations rather than reflecting any singular idea or current aesthetic. The AW17 collection continues their interest in enhanced everyday basics, proposing a series of relaxed silhouettes and comfortable, easy to wear forms that move seamlessly between different aspects of contemporary lifestyle. Subtle detailing and refined fabrications create a clean minimal outlook with slight interruptions such as custom made fabric inspired by blankets which are used to protect furniture when moving or an oversize padded scarf with sleeves references a small, wearable duvet providing a little bit of home whoever you go.


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