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Restaurants come and go very quickly in Hong Kong and it’s always exciting to see who has gone that extra mile with their interiors …

I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 4 years and I’m amazed by the speed in which design is taking a pivotal role in the overall… inspiring times to be living here to observe the fusion east meets west!

Here it goes:

THE SILVER ROOM by Design Systems

The restaurant’s philosophy is based on what a good chef can create from basic ingredients with his culinary techniques to a signature dish.

This has been translated into the restaurant’s design: the project material palette includes mild steel, galvanized mild steel, fire-retarded recycled ABS, mosaic tile and teak wood and applying these through special techniques to create unique spatial characteristics.



how cool is that door!


you’ve got to love this bathroom….



MOTT32 by Wang’s Studio

The restaurant is a celebration of modern Hong Kong.

It tells the story of the basement of an important bank building in Hong Kong and how it has transitioned through the rich context of time. Once a leftover storage facility for family heirlooms forgotten by wealthy Chinese immigrants; then a staff quarters for bank employees and guards.

The process of design was to unearth these stories of the past to expose an authentic narrative for the diners. The objects found in the space are clues to the larger political and social history of Hong Kong.

 mott 1

mott 2

PENTHOUSE by Kinney Chan and Associates

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the Penthouse is a New York glam-chic style restaurant. While infusing industrial loft elements, like the curated furnishings and bold color, the restaurant becomes an urban retreat.



Gorgeous Hong Kong views

KKA 3 

POST 97 by Positive Partnership Limited

Post 97 is an institution of Hong Kong bar scene as it’s one of the earliest venues in Lan Kwai Fong, which has been opened for more than 30 years.


Revitalising the venue is drawn on inspirations from the home of the fictional Theodore St John – a botanist, chemist, adventurer and well-travelled gentleman who always returned from his journeys with an eclectic array of curiosities from faraway lands.

 Post97 - 2

Post97 -1


THE COFFEE ACADEMICS by The Coffee Academics Company Limited

The Coffee Academics located at The Pulse maintains the deeply rooted original culture and style aesthetics of the specialty coffee shop brand while adding a unique personal flair inspired by the beachy environment of Repulse Bay.

 coffee academics

coffee academics 1


LA STATION by Atelier E

The central theme is the train station but the atmosphere extends to station or transit place around the world.

la station

Whether it is on the customer’s way from the MTR to work, or in between two tasks at work, it is still a transit from one moment to another.

La station 1

The idea is to have people imagining themselves floating without a sense of time, being somewhere, anywhere such as Paris or London; you won’t see any clocks hanging and there is an incorporation of elements typical to European subways like curved walls, along with the usage of copper and marble.

La station 2

la station 3


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