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The Okura Prestige Bangkok – a birds eye view...
The Okura Prestige Bangkok is a five-star hotel priding itself on style, elegance, luxury and service. Perched high above the city, it provides a sanctuary in the chaotic capital. We give you the insights to its design.
Air-Ink : An Ink to help clean up our Cities...
Ink made out of car emissions? You must be joking?! Nope. We are not.
Happy Never After in Saigon
A solo exhibition of mixed media paintings by Saigon-based artist Khoa Le, showing at Craig Thomas gallery in Vietnam until July 20th. The gallery speaks to the artist about her work, her new exhibition and her creative influences and approach.
Art Stage Jakarta: Interview with Ir. Ciputra...
Ir. Ciputra owns the biggest collection of paintings by Indonesian Modern master Hendra Gunawan. He is a member of the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Art Patrons. He speaks with Lorenzo Rudolf about his collections and his social responsibility of giving back to his country through entrepreneurship and education.
The new Hermes Home in Singapore takes on an Asian approach with great sensibility towards the heritage and culture of the tropical region. See our top 5 picks from the newly opened store!
SCAD HK fashion graduates showcase in Savannah, USA...
Three students graduating from SCAD HK's fashion design program were invited to Savannah, Georgia to show their creations in the yearly fashion show at the main campus. Style by Asia met and talked to the students about their collections, the inspiration behind it and their creative process.
Top 5 Asian Vertical Gardens
Presenting our top 5 vertical gardens in Asia, and some inspiration for making your own vertical garden at home!
VIDEO: First Monday in May
Behind the scenes at the New York Met’s sumptuous 2015 Costume Institute show ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ and its Anna Wintour-spearheaded opening ball, the celebrity packed Met Gala.
KODW 2016: Art and Science of Colour Communication...
Key Takeaways from a full day seminar and workshop named Art and Science of Colour Communication with Berit Bergström from NCS as part of KODW 2016.
Where in the World is Yayoi Kusama?
This summer is arguably the summer of Yayoi Kusama, one of Japan’s most prolific female artists, with multiple exhibitions and installations happening around the world over the next few months. The Artling has put together a list of places where you can find a Kusama pumpkin or an Infinity Room so you can ‘self-obliterate’ into her wonderful world.
OSHA – Royal Dining in the Heart of Bangkok...
Style by Asia visits Thai molecular fine dining restaurant OSHA in Bangkok and are treated royally..
Op Ed: Super Tall Green Buildings in China...
Chris Li of Faithful+Gould, discusses the sustainability challenges that affect the design of super-tall buildings.
Kintsugi – the Art of mending with Gold
The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.
Art Stage Jakarta: In Conversation with Melani Setiawan...
Melani Setiawan, 70, is a doctor in the medical profession and one of Indonesia's leading art collectors. She is currently working on a book that archives the developmment of the Indonesian art world for almost forty years. Melani is a member of the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Art Patrons.
Pallet DIY – the Inspiration
Pallets are quite ugly, we admit that. But with just a little bit of effort, and some ingenuity they can be turned into just about anything. AND look good too! We give you some pallet DIY ideas below. Time to get crafty!
Made By Originals: Ovolo Southside
The first of a series of articles published in collaboration with Design Hotels, showcasing inspirational stories from properties around Asia Made By Originals.
Gabriel Martin finds out the alluring charm of Ovolo Central in Hong Kong; and why practicality when mixed with creativity and a pinch of fun works!
VIDEO: Bangkok
Check out this inspirational video of Bangkok - full of great design and architecture. It will make you want to start planning your next trip soon!
Art Alert: Taiwan
In a collaboration with Singapore Contemporary Art Show, we bring you a selection of paintings and sculptures that translates the rich history & culture of Taiwan.
HK high profile arts complex refurb collapse...
Art Wuzhen: “Ancient” Meets Contemporary
Just outside of Shanghai, Art Wuzhen delights.
Fashion and design startups hit Hong Kong hoping to make it big...
Among the startups vying for attention, and investors, at the RISE conference, there were those who promise new and unique approaches to getting design and fashion to the public. For the second year running, the conference brought startups from all over the world – 88 countries to be exact – to Hong Kong. Among them..