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What is .ART and why do you need it?

Launched in late 2016, and during art week here in Asia, .ART is a new domain extension that differentiates and connects institutions and individuals associated with the art world, and that alone. The domain extension is designed to digitally unify the international art world under one top level domain, making it easy for artist, galleries and other art related institutions and galleries to instantly spot what it is about. .ART offers the first-ever opportunity to establish a unique digital identity through an immediate identification with the arts and the domains will be available to public buyers from May 2017. Right now, it is available solely to "early adaptors" and among them we count artists and museums like Banksy, LACMA, the Guggenheim Museum, Axel Vervoordt, and Centre Georges Pompidou, and companies such as Rolex, Kickstarter and BMW as well. Hong Kong's own M+ Museum is also on board.

Some of the benefits are obvious, such as being able to choose from infinite domains that are otherwise unavailable under existing extensions (such as .com). Now you can take advantage of memorable domain names that are concise, and more importantly, relevant to your brand and the art that you make or represent!

Other benefits are more subtle, such as being able to register your URL in several scripts from Japanese to Arabic - it will be available in 200+ countries!


A Preferred Access Period

Previous domain launches have not provided sufficient protection to their rightful owners, and this is where .ART is different. Rooted in a passion to preserve and protect cultural legacy online, .ART is dedicated to ensuring the right names are placed in the right hands. Therefore, .ART has secured an exclusive opportunity to reserve and activate a selected number of domains before the public launch, to ensure that premier arts organisations and brands are able to secure their desired .ART domains. And that truly makes a difference. Many of the big arts institutions have been "early adopters" and secured not only their institutions names, but also names associated with them. We are told that Google has registered a number of domains not just associated with the company name, but with products and projects the giant corporation are working on.




So, now that you have your .ART domain - what to do with it?

Advertise. Launch. Create. Re-brand. Increase traffic. Protect your identity. The opportunities and what you can do with .ART are really endless. Some of the ideas presented by the company itself is to use it in all aspects of advertising new exhibitions, launching micro sites, and creating unique contents,  to re-branding your site on a new, unique URL, or simply redirecting. Even corporations not normally connected with art, but which have an art collection or an arts programme they want to have a dedicated URL for can launch it on .ART. As we said, the opportunities are endless. It is up to you what to do with it.







Register your interest at

Preferred Access Period until 10th May

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