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You could practically hear the sizzle coming off the stark white runway at KL Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016, as designer after designer showcased their creations to a fawning fashionista and celebrity heavy crowd.   Each year, the list of designers seems to explode with all the notable darlings of the Malaysian fashion world alongside the emerging talent eagerly waiting to be discovered.  This year was no exception with over 100 designers showcasing their Ready to Wear (RTW) collections for SS17.

KL Fashion Week 2016 - crowd

KL Fashion Week 2016 - crowd. Photo Courtesy of Batik&Bubbles


It is said that all good things come in time and after the past 4 years, KL Fashion Week is orchestrated spectacularly well with the seamless transition of each designer collection hour upon hour over 5 fabulous days.  The maestro behind it all is none other than Andrew Tan, the Founder and creative mastermind of KL Fashion Week.  Andrew’s vision of providing a public platform for displaying Malaysia’s fashion stars has launched Kuala Lumpur as a premier fashion hub in South-East Asia.


Founder of KLFW, Mr Andrew Tan at the Air Asia Runway Ready Designer Search at KLFW2016

Founder of KLFW, Mr Andrew Tan at the Air Asia Runway Ready Designer Search at KLFW2016. 


While we’ve attended a few shows in past years, this was Batik&Bubbles first time to officially cover the event live from the press section! Turns out we nabbed some of the best seats in the house with a prime view of the runway and in earshot of the region’s noted fashion editors and writers.  

In fact, there were great views all around because KL Fashion Week (KLFW) RTW is centered right smack dab in the middle of Pavilion Mall in the heart of Bukit Bintang; our own little ‘Rodeo Drive’ lined with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Bvlgari, and the like.   Hosting the shows in Pavilion brings the excitement of the runway right to public; any shopper can peer from the above levels and watch the runway with a bird’s eye view of the hottest trends to hit Malaysia.  


Great views all around at Pavilion KL

Great views all around at Pavilion KL.  


With over a hundred shows, how to choose a favorite designer?  There were so many innovative pieces strutting down the runway that we simply had to select a few of the designers and outfits that caught our eye, there's also a tonne of videos up on our BatikandBubbles Instagram feed for those craving an extra hit of fashion!

First and foremost, the dramatic and evocative collection by Rizman Ruzaini, a local design team led by Rizman bin Nordin and Wan Ruzaini, won over not only our hearts but clearly Fashion Week as a whole. They captured the “Outstanding Designer’ award for their  daringly strong yet sensuous military chic designs that harkens back to the glamour of Old Malaya.


Rizman Ruzaini

Rizman Ruzaini KLFW 2016. 

Rizman Ruzaini KLFW 2016

Rizman Ruzaini KLFW 2016. 


Other collections that grabbed our attention were the ethereal yet structured designs of Carven Ong, Symorizwa Gupta’s sophisticated but playful prints evoking Yoko Ono’s hey day, and Justin Yap’s seriously sexy slits and sequinned embroidery.


Carven Ong KLFW 2016

Carven Ong KLFW 2016. 

Syomirizwa Gupta KLFW 2016

Syomirizwa Gupta KLFW 2016. 

Justin Yap KLFW 2016

Justin Yap KLFW 2016. 


We also loved Melinda Looi's jewel toned and doll-like aesthetics of her latest collection, Fizwoo’s bold feather and rhinestone-bauble flounces. Atelier Fitton menswear collection also had us immediately imagining our husbands similarly decked out - kilts and all!   


Melinda Looi KLFW 2016

Melinda Looi KLFW 2016. 

Fizi Woo KLFW 2016

Fizi Woo KLFW 2016. 

Atelier Fitton KLFW 2016

Atelier Fitton KLFW 2016. 


Along with the Malaysian designers, KLFW also highlighted interesting regional designers such as Indian designer P.E.L.L.A’s, whose gorgeous fabric draping made us weak in the knees, alongside Australian designer Betty Tran bright red, bold operatic statement dresses. WANPA stood out with their diverse collection of outfits ranging from bold and sporty outerwear to almost tribal-like ikat prints!


P.E.L.L.A KLFW 2016

P.E.L.L.A KLFW 2016

Betty Tran KLFW 2016

Betty Tran KLFW 2016




Though the runway was as diverse as the collections, Malaysian models got a chance to shine too.  We loved that KLFW nurtures and promotes local talent.  Tini’s fierce catwalk rightfully earned her “Outstanding Model” and was always a highlight in the parade of gorgeous faces.  Tuti, who came to fame during her stint as a contestant on "Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4" was a major attraction,  wowing the crowds with her edgy yet striking looks and inimitable runway style.


Tinie, the model with great flair who won the "Outstanding Model" award at KLFW 2016

Tini,  who won the "Oustanding Model" award at KLFW 2016

Tuti, Malaysian supermodel at KLFW 2016

Malaysian supermodel, Tuti, at KLFW 2016


Though we tried to catch all of them, we managed to see only half the shows and had to follow the other designers on the KLFW Instagram feed.  There were many moments when we bemoaned missing some of those gorgeous pieces in person.  As it was, we had just enough time between shows to duck out for a quick coffee, charge up our devices and upload our favorite videos and pics to our Instagram feed!  


Batik&Bubbles in between shows!

Batik&Bubbles in between shows!


This was truly a fantastic experience for us - the chance to discover more Malaysian talent serves as inspirational fodder for future Batik&Bubbles features, not to mention updating our wardrobes!  Hats off to all the designers, their teams, all the models,and the KLFW team for another fabulous week - and a big bright thank you to Andrew Tan, and assistant Danial Abdullah, for giving Batik&Bubbles and our readers a chance to soak in the creative expressions of Malaysia’s fashion makers!

Farena FC. & Yiga J / BATIK&BUBBLES

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      • Melinda Looi KLFWRTW 2016
      • KL Fashion Week 2016 - crowd
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      • Justin Yap KLFW 2016
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